Cyber Security Facts:

  • 63% of small businesses have been victims of a cyber attack.
  • 60% of small businesses that suffered a cyber attack shut down after six months.
  • 79% of small businesses do not have a cyber attack response plan.



The cybersecurity community and major media have largely concurred on the prediction that cyber crime damaged will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015.

Cybercrime is a relatively easy, low-risk, high-reward venture. There is plenty of money to be made. The chances of being caught are slim. The tools are readily available. Criminals look for and are prepared to exploit weaknesses in network designs, software, communication channels, and people. The opportunities are plentiful. Criminals are not always outsiders. Insiders can be tempted to “make copies” of information they have access to for financial gain, notoriety, or to “make a statement.”

The ability to obtain unauthorized access is often opportunist. In this context, opportunistic means taking advantage of identified weaknesses. Criminals (and nosy employees) care about the work factor, which is defined as how much effort is needed to complete a task. The longer is takes to obtain unauthorized access, the greater change of being caught. The more a “job” costs to successfully complete, the less profit earned.

Network running slow? Maybe your network could use a makeover.

  • Cable Installation
  • Router / Firewall Management
  • VoIP Installation
  • Custom Network Designs
  • Much more...

Need an upgrade? Computer running slow?

Our diagnosing software provides an in-depth analysis and identifies the components of your PC. With this our technicians can provide recommendations on what upgrades might be available.

We also build custom hardware upon request!!!

Is your database being utilized to its full potential?

​​Properly configuring a database is important, not only for security purposes but end users like sales people will have enhanced access to the data, enabling a faster sales cycle and a more sound decision making process. The end users are empowered to make quick and informed decisions that can decide the success and failure of a company in a long run.

If your company ever does run into a "Technical Encounter", please take time to watch this PowerPoint slide show. It explains our mission and gives "You" the client a play-by-play of what our services truly include.

While our expertise is in IT Security, we also specialize in all aspects of the computer realm. Below are just a few extra services we offer:​ 

  1. Confidentiality
    1. Making sure your company's private data stays private!
  2. Integrity
    1. The assurance that information can only be accessed or modified by authorized personnel.
  3. Availability
    1. Ensuring that systems and data are accessible when needed.

Database and Server Management

Network Installation

Ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations - the No. 1 cyber-attacked industry - will quadruple by 2020.

PC Customization and Diagnostics

To address a vulnerable system, it takes 3 goals.