We do not service or repair Cellular Phones, Tablets, nor any gaming systems (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, etc.). It is not our expertise, and most of these items are covered under manufacturers warranty, and we cannot guarantee a fix. If you are looking for this service, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We encourage you to contact your service provider for repair or replacement, as most of these items are non - upgradable and become outdated technology in a few years.

If we can't fix it, you don't owe us a dime!

  • Router Installation along w/ Security Setup
  • New Wi-Fi Setup
  • Wi-Fi Extensions Installation
  • Network Card Installation
  • Computer Network Diagnosis


We do computer service repair and install on commercial and business levels, please call for more information!

Computer Support

  • TV Wall Mounting
  • Setting up a new SMART HDTV
  • Surround Sound Installation
  • Setting up Smart Devices / Smart Hubs
  • Microsoft Applications Lessons
  • Fixing an email account

TECHnical Encounters

  • Diagnose & Troubleshoot
  • Backup or Transfer Data
  • New Computer Setup
  • Install or Uninstall Software
  • Setup a New Printer
  • Troubleshoot a Printer
  • Install or Uninstall an Operating System
  • Computer Tune-Up
  • Hardware Upgrades

Other Services

Wireless Networking