The way we do business has changed! No longer are majority of people writing checks, we have credit card transactions. No longer are we storing confidential information in a filing cabinet, we have digital records. How do you secure these assets? Credentials are being stolen at an increasing rate, can your customers rely on you to keep them safe? Itʻs not always about technology, itʻs also about security in relation to business value. What is your business trying to accomplish, and what role should security play in that?

know what you own

threat landscape

keys to success

why risk it, when you can fix it?

Let’s face it. Cyberattacks are increasing every year, the more devices that get plugged into the internet make for a growing attack surface. While your busy trying to turn a profit, the attackers are busy making a profit off you. In fact, the average attack costs most business owners $200,000. Business owners might not consider themselves a high target for an attack; but when you house a wealth of customer information, employee data, bank account information, and intellectual are increasing the value for cyber criminals to make your business a target. Can you afford an cyberattack?

Cyber security has quickly become a pressing concern and need among all businesses, the need to protect sensitive data and what your business deems valuable. We must know what we own, we canʻt protect what we donʻt even know we own. This comes in the form of anything that is used to consume or store data, this will help identify threats that can disrupt your business. Other questions you should ask yourself...

  • What are the true risks for my company?
  • Have I taken inventory of everything I own? (Not only hardware and software, but intellectual property as well)

Implementing a comprehensive mature security program in your computing environment is not an option, it is a necessity! The definition of information security is "Measures adopted to prevent the unauthorized use, misuse, modification, or denial of use of knowledge, facts, data, or capabilities." The problem is most business owners never started a comprehensive security program from the inception of their business, and now donʻt know where to start in creating one.

  • How do we do what we do?
  • Who is doing it?
  • How do we keep track of what theyʻre doing?
  • How do we verify what we thought was being done, is actually being done?